Know who is calling before you pick up the phone. Integrate your CRM or helpdesk system with Cloud PBX. Have the customer record open and ready, and see when they called last and who they spoke to. Save your agent’s time and IMPRESS your customer. You will have happier customers, handle more calls and make more sales! The integration also allows you to call directly from your CRM system. Click on a number to initiate a call and log and journal the call at the same time. Incoming calls from new numbers allow you to create new customer records automatically. You’ll give your sales team wings.

KYC – know who is calling.

  • Matches caller ID to a record in your CRM.
  • Creates a new customer record for new numbers.
  • Logs calls to the customer record so you can see call history.
  • Impress customers and save your staff tedious searching time.

Empower your sales force and agents.

  • Launch calls in a single click right from your CRM.
  • Save agents time by automatically popping up customer records.
  • Automatic call journaling removes tedious manual call entries.
  • Build custom call flows to automate questions and workflows.

Supports popular CRM and help desks.

  • Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365.
  • Zendesk, Hubspot and many more.
  • CRM integration wizard integrates REST enabled systems.
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