IoT Water and Power Monitoring Solution

Would you like more control over your water and power usage?

Are you worried about suddenly receiving massive water bills? Does the thought of your freezer equipment losing power keep you up at night? Are you responsible for monitoring power to sensitive server or medical equipment?

CodeCraft offers an IoT Solution from which allows you to monitor your residential or commercial water usage and power status, all from the convenience of a mobile app on your Smartphone, or through the web browser on your computer.

What is IoT? IoT stands for Internet of things, it refers to the use of the internet in every day devices.

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IoT Water Meter Reader


This is an application ready Sigfox enabled device allowing automated logging of residential water meters. This prevents large surprise bills after actual readings are taken by the utility providers and leaks or abuse has occurred. Our automated monitoring system will alert you should your daily or hourly threshold be reached. This prevents water loss and large unexpected bills. Powered through a Lithium battery, it allows standard autonomy up to 10 years.

IoT Power Mains/ Tempurature Detector


This unit is designed to monitor power status and provide alerts on failures via SMS, email or push notifications. The unit’s potential applications include cold-chain power monitoring for perishable goods, sensitive electronic equipment, server / computer room monitoring, critical equipment monitoring for hospitals and nursing homes and power critical infrastructure monitoring. Monitor your freezer at home simply by plugging this device into the same electrical socket at the fridge.

IoT Water Meter Reader IoT Power Mains/ Tempurature Detector Combo
R899 device cost & R80 per month R899 up front & R80 per month R1798 up front and R150 per month

Who Can These Units Help?

  • Estates/ Complexes
  • Homeowners
  • Managing Agents
  • Schools/Universities
  • Event Venues
  • Stadiums
  • Business Premises
  • Industrial Premises
  • Safari Lodges
  • Landlords

Benefits of using IoT Monitors

  • Daily updates
  • Monitor water abuse
  • Avoid large surprise water bills
  • Water leak detection and notification
  • Avoid costly repairs due to power loss/ surge

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What happens once I purchase my unit?

You will need to engage Code Craft to have their IoT and industry certified plumber (water monitor) and electrician (power monitor) to install the units. Please note that installation cost is not included in the pricing above.